MISSISSUAGA, Ontario —RawPaw Natural Foods, a Quebec-based distributor of pet supplements complementary to raw pet food diets, has been acquired by United Pet Supplements, a subsidiary of Dane Creek Capital Corp. The acquisition amounts to “approximately 1.3 times trailing 12-month revenue” for RawPaws, according to Dane Creek Capital.

“We are pleased to be making this announcement,” said Mark Warren, chairman and CEO of Dane Creek Capital. “The acquisition of RawPaw gives us further strength in the fast-growing area of natural pet supplements and supports our growing belief in the connection between raw feeding and the use of pet supplements. Pet owners are becoming increasingly proactive about the health of their pets, seeking preventative options like a better diet and supplementation to improve longevity and overall wellness.”

RawPaw was founded in 2012 by Farah Socran, who will remain president of the company and take a senior management role with United Pet Supplements under its president, Jon Caldwell. Caldwell is also the founder of Bonnie & Clyde Premium Pet Goods, which was recently acquired by United Pet Supplements.

United Pet Supplements also established Baie Run Pet Products Inc. in 2017.

Dane Creek Capital’s acquisition of RawPaw is the sixth investment the firm has made of a female-founded and/or operated business, with 50% of its capital invested in women-run companies.

RawPaw is available in the west end of Montreal and surrounding cities.

“I am very excited to become part of the United Supplements team,” Socran said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge and improve the health and wellness of pets across Canada, promoting a holistic approach to pet nutrition pairing natural supplements with the benefits of a raw diet.”

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