GREEN BAY, Wis. — Vital Essentials featured new products and a revamped freeze-dried raw bar merchandise display during Global Pet Expo in March 2019. The company also launched a social media campaign to create buzz around new Vital Essentials products and increase foot traffic for its independent pet retailers.

The new merchandising display markets freeze-dried raw pet treat products in 12 bulk containers attached to a freestanding rack. Customers can rotate each row of bins 360 degrees.

“Our award-winning VE RAW BAR has undergone a significant makeover,” said Melissa Olson, marketing director for Vital Essentials. Second generation Vital Essentials RAW BAR“Many retailers loved the concept of the VE RAW BAR, but were tight on space to display the bulk containers. With this new unit, retailers have the flexibility to place the unit anywhere in the store.”

In addition, duck hearts and bully twists have been added to the display after retailers and consumers requested more substantial chews and a larger offering of heart treats, according to Olson.

The VE RAW BAR is exclusively available to independent pet retailers.

Vital Essentials added two new freeze-dried dog foods, including grain-free salmon and grain-free rabbit available in both dry kibble and patties. The company also expanded its freeze-dried dog treats to include lamb, which is the first time Vital Essentials has used lamb in its food or treats.

The new freeze-dried salmon formula offers essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat, while the rabbit formula provides vitamins A and B6, zinc, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, thiamin, niacin, taurine and other nutrients in a dog’s diet.

These new freeze-dried products, along with other freeze-dried dog and cat food offerings, will be promoted in May 2019 through a social media campaign, where independent pet retailers will create product displays, post them on social media with the hashtag #TasteofVE, and promote discounts and prizes to consumers to increase awareness and drive foot traffic.

“This campaign will effectively increase both traffic in-store and overall sales for our local retailers. By offering a discount and promoting our Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs and Cats, we are encouraging consumers to purchase a higher volume of product, and experience food they may not otherwise purchase,” Olson added. 

The brand anticipates the campaign to reach more than 425,000 consumers.

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