BOSTON — Canadian pet food company Petcurean has announced it will utilize Promoboxx, a digital marketing tool used to connect pet retailers to consumers with meaningful, branded content to support business. The platform uses online marketing channels to compel consumers to visit brick-and-mortar stores with localized content.

“Our new partnership with Promoboxx is an exciting development in our ongoing efforts to support our independent pet specialty retail partners and be thought leaders in pet specialty marketing,” said Annabelle Immega, trade marketing manager at Petcurean. “Promoboxx offers us a unique opportunity to efficiently deliver well-crafted campaigns directly to retailers while providing busy independent businesses with valuable strategic and technical support to optimize their digital marketing efforts.”

Using emotional narratives and expert knowledge about the product, Petcurean aims to increase sell-through with Promoboxx. Retailers will have the option to opt in to pre-approved campaign assets via the Promoboxx platform and customize those campaigns based on their local markets. Promoboxx will then manage the campaign, track its impact and produce performance analytics for each retailer and for Petcurean.

“Petcurean believes in, invests in, and truly supports their local retail partners,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president at Promoboxx. “Promoboxx shares these values, and we are proud to partner with Petcurean and their retailer network to increase consumer engagement and drive better business results. We support brands and their local retailers so they can better communicate with their consumers, grow their businesses, and create more authentic experiences.”

Promoboxx works with more than 90 brands by engaging independent and specialty retailers with consumers through localized campaigns. Learn more about the platform at

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