UZWIL, Switzerland — Bühler Insect Technology Solutions (BITS) and Alfa Laval have joined forces to provide advanced solutions in the growing insect processing industry. The two companies will combine capabilities in insect rearing and processing, heat transfer, separation and fluid handling to offer advanced modular insect plant solutions to an industry that reported more than $300 million in investments in 2018.

An exclusive partnership between BITS and Alfa Laval was signed Feb. 22 in Uzwil by Andreas Aepli, CEO of BITS, and Sumit Pingle, vice president of agro and protein systems at Alfa Laval. “In Alfa Laval we are proud to have found a partner who shares our approach and vision in this exciting new industry,” Aepli said. “Thanks to this collaboration, we can further increase the efficiency and reliability of our solutions, setting high standards for the industry right from the start.”

The two companies will leverage each others’ strengths and capabilities to co-develop highly flexible solutions for insect producers to improve the efficiency and integration of insect processing plants so processors can increase production as market demand grows. Products developed through this partnership will be offered exclusively through BITS.

Andreas Aepli and Sumit Pingle signing the exclusive partnership on Feb. 22, 2019.
“With the combined offering, we are in a unique position to provide the best insect processing solution in the market with unmatched product quality and safety,” Pingle said.

Going forward, the companies will also cooperate on research and development initiatives, as well as marketing and after-sales services.

“The technology is open to everyone. However, we not only target existing insect producers,” said Andreas Baumann, head of technology with BITS. “There will be also other players that want to contribute to a circular economy. This might be, on one hand, production companies aiming at valorizing their organic side streams or, on the other hand, feed producers that want to leverage the environmental and functional benefits of insect proteins.”

Baumann also said BITS and Alfa Laval clients are mainly targeting the pet food and aquafeed sectors. “The insect ingredients can be applied in dry and wet pet food products. It is suitable for cats and dogs,” Baumann added. “Often the products are formulated with insect protein as a single source of protein. It is then labelled as hypoallergenic and serves as an alternative for pets that struggle with traditional foods.”

Alfa Laval is a Swedish technology company specializing in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling for a wide range of industries, including agriculture and food processing. The company operates 42 production sites globally with customers in nearly 100 countries.

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