ST. FRANCIS, Wis. — Gott Pet Products has announced redesigned packaging for its Hound & Gatos canned pet food products, featuring a new logo and vibrant colors meant to catch consumers’ attention. The new packaging will make its appearance on shelves in spring of 2019.

Patrick McGarry, general manager of Gott Pet Products, said the new package designs “are meant to convey the carnivorous instincts of dogs and cats, as these ancestral formulations recreate a Paleolithic diet for them to enjoy. He went on to say the formulas for Hound & Gatos’ 24 canned pet food products have not been altered with the new packaging.

Hound & Gatos pet foods provide premium animal-based, high-protein diets for cats and dogs. They are grain-free and can be used as a complete and balanced meal or as a meal topper to enhance the flavor and nutrition of kibble. 

Gott Pet Products recently unveiled new package designs for its Charlee Bear brand of dog treats as well.

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