MINNEAPOLIS — Silo Construction & Engineering (SCE) will debut its latest modular silo design at International Production & Process Expo (IPPE) Feb. 12-14 in Atlanta, Georgia. The innovative storage technology is built to overcome challenges in the feed and food processing industries such as food safety, plant design flexibility and overall construction, maintenance and operational cost.

SCE will present a full-scale model of the new silo, consisting of “lego-like” square bin components, along with its newly patented mass-flow system called butterfly. The square bin components are double-walled and create 40% more storage space than round silos and are self-cleaning. The system is designed to reduce poor bulk flow and risk of contamination. Other features include easy assembly and installation. The company says the innovation can improve construction productivity by 50% and deliver up to 30% cost savings.

According to SCE, pet food companies Blue Buffalo, Purina and Cargill have decided to implement the new storage technology in their own plants. The company will exhibit at booth A447.

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