Mars Petcare and Nestlé, producer of Purina pet foods, have partnered with Loop, a venture company of TerraCycle that works with companies to redesign the packaging of existing products to be zero-waste. Loop works as a subscription model where consumers can order products from participating companies, receive delivery shipments of the products in zero-waste packaging.

Mars Petcare is one of Loop’s initial partners, although zero-waste product packaging from the pet food company has not been released yet. While Nestlé has not revealed whether it plans to implement this new packaging for its Purina products, it is a Loop partner and has revamped its Haagen-Dazs products of ice cream to fit Loop qualifications.

The venture currently has over 20 partner companies. Some other initial Loop partners include Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever, The Clorox Co., and many others.

According to Loop, it consults each brand in the development of new packaging, but it is the brand’s responsibility to design and develop that packaging. The idea is to create a durable, premium and innovative package design that can be zero-waste.

TerraCycle works with companies and brands across the world to develop waste management and upcycling programs for single-use packaging. This new venture, Loop, aims to take that mission to the next level with durable, zero-waste packaging of products from participating brands delivered direct-to-consumer on a subscription model. Learn more about Loop.

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