LINCOLN, Neb. — David Yaskulka has been named CEO of Nature’s Logic, a 100% natural pet food free from synthetic vitamins. He brings a decade of executive experience from another pet food company, as well as 20 years of experience in the health and sustainability industries.

"Nature's Logic doesn't follow industry trends -- we follow nature's rules," said Scott Freeman, founder of Nature’s Logic. "I look forward to working with David to do what's right for dogs and cats, and for our natural environment."

Yaskulka has previously held leadership roles in education, technology and conservation nonprofit organizations. He serves as chairman of the Board of, a philanthropy which has provided more than $175 million to partners and programs dedicated to improving the well-being of people, pets and the planet.

"100% natural is defining the future of pet food," said Yaskulka. "Nature's Logic is the top innovator, truly following nature's rules for nutrition. I'm thrilled to work with the staff, retailers, customers, and consumers who have shown the way pet food should be, to grow the brand's impact in the market.”

The company recently announced it will expand its mission to include not only pet food, but the planet as well, by taking a leadership role in sustainability and promoting the company’s natural brand and its philosophy in retailers’ communities. Nature’s Logic plans to establish a rapport with Millennials on the topics of natural nutrition, animal welfare and sustainability. Yaskulka will help see these strategies through for the company. 

"Having worked with David for seven years, we are confident his business leadership and vision will help Nature's Logic inspire a new generation of consumers to switch to 100% natural,” said Steve Marton, founding partner of VisioCap LLC, which acquired the Nature’s Logic in 2017.

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